PK Fight 0-22-28
Article number PK Fight
Floratine PK Fight

PK Fight 0-22-28

Article number PK Fight


Carbon is one of the nutrients for plants. “Carbon-Power-Products” contain highly active carbon components. They are obtained from special fulvic acids and accelerate energy metabolism in grasses. The special formulation facilitates an extraordinarily fast absorption by the plants. PK Fight contains additionally stabilised forms of phosphor and liquid potassium.

Recommended application

Application with any sprayer that generates a fine, consistent spray mist. PK Fight should be applied with a spray mixture of not more than 350 litres per hectare. Spray mixtures above 350 litres per hectare reduce the product’s effectiveness. For a full effect, it should not rain for 3-5 hours after application. PK Fight can be sprayed at any time during the entire growing season. The application quantity depends on the pattern of damage and the stress on the grasses. Ideally, spraying will be performed at the start of growth at 5-10 l/ha every 10-14 days. The greater the stress on the grass, the higher the dosage should be. For consistent growth, the applications should complement the granulate fertiliser.


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Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
10 litres