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JRM is the market leader in aerification tools and stands out for its innovative inventions aimed at durability and perfect quality of work results. Product innovations such as the DILLENIUM attachment, the Infinity product line and the smallest hollow tine on the market are the results of these developments. JRM's goal is to provide the golf industry with the best possible products. JRM is constantly developing new and unique products to improve golf course maintenance and make it easier to maintain and improve golf courses. TURF brought JRM products to Europe in 1998 and distributes the full range of products directly and through local distributors throughout Europe.

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The Nordic Plow Core Collector is the perfect accessory for making aeration as easy and stress-free as possible.

The JRM quality commitment


Spoons with the Premium label are made from high-quality, 4140 alloyed steel. A Premium Spoon on average copes with 3000 m2, depending on the soil quality.


Spoons with Dillennium quality maintain at least 18 greens under the most difficult soil conditions. Spoons in this category are available in various product lines (e.g. Quad, with side discharge, for deep aeration, cross spoons, and much more)


Infinity spoons are made from harder steel and are also heat treated using the induction method so that improved wear properties are achieved. With this manufacturing process, the spoon lasts 2 to 3 times longer compared to a Premium or Dillenium equivalent.


The Duranium-801 bottom blades are made using a special manufacturing process and with special steel. These bottom blades reduce spindle wear because of the lower grinding and back lapping work.

About JRM

JRM was founded in 1992 by Jim Merritt in the USA and today manufactures hundreds of different aeration tools and bottom blades for all known machine brands. After many years working on various golf courses, Jim Merritt’s dissatisfaction with the available aeration tools grew, in particular the lack of robustness annoyed him. This dissatisfaction led to the development of his own aeration tools and subsequently to the founding of JRM. JRM is constantly developing new and unique products for improving golf course care and for simplifying the maintenance and improvement of golf courses.

JRM is the market leader for aeration tools and has been known for almost 30 years for its innovative inventions such as the DILLENNIUM attachment launched in 1998, the CROSS tines and the BAYONET tines. Since 2005, “DURANIUM 801” bottom blades have also been manufactures according to a newly patented process for all renown mowers. The aim of JRM is to supply the golf industry with the best possible products. The latest developments from JRM are the Infinity products, with extremely long-lasting spoons and the “Katana”, the smallest hollow spoon on the market.

TURF brought JRM products to Europe in 1998 and sells the entire range of products directly and through local retailers across Europe