Fertilising plans

In order to achieve the best grass for golfers and users of sports fields, many individual steps and tasks are necessary. The fertilising plans from TURF are an important tool for achieving this goal. The plans support greenkeepers when selecting and applying fertiliser, as well as with care management for the green carpet.

The fertilising plans are designed individually and in consultation with the customer. All the prevailing conditions such as soil, water, current condition and geographic location of the golf course or sports field, as well as budgetary requirements, are taken into account. We develop the right plan with the optimum solutions for every customer. As a scientific basis for our fertilising plans, we offer professional soil and water analyses in cooperation with an internationally renown laboratory.

Our fertilising plans deliver the optimum support for precise use of all fertilisers, soil additives and special products from the TURF range!

The TURF fertilising plans are created by our best trained employees based on many years’ experience. At present, the selection includes over 100 fertilisers, special products and soil additives. Whether liquid fertiliser or granulate, soil or leaf application, the corresponding products can be found for every application area and requirement. Products from international top brands are available for selection, some of them offered exclusively by TURF.

Separate requirements have been drawn up for every area on the golf course (green, tee, fairway, rough) or sports field (goal area, penalty area, entire pitch) in order to be able to respond to these areas’ different stresses accordingly.

TURF fertilising plans consider corresponding requirements and information for each product, such as:

  • Period for application
  • Fertiliser quantity
  • Nutrient quantity
  • Total fertiliser required
  • Spreading settings