Latest news from the world of TURF

Extra-wide and whisper-quiet!

The year 2021 brings new products for our greens rollers!

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TURF Winterorder

Order JRM Tines, Sickle & Bedknives and Spare Parts from R&R now and get 20% discount!

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Machine demonstration at GC Klagenfurt-Seltenheim

AGA-Greenkeeper-Regular's table at GC Klagenfurt-Seltenheim and TURF right in the middle.

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Flooded bunkers, so what?

Flooded sand bunkers are part of everyday life on golf courses after heavy rain, but with the Bunker Blaster, play no longer suffers any longer than…

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Sand cleaning with equipment from TURF

Playing and doing sports on sand surfaces is great fun, but cleaning is less so, at least so far.

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