Consulting for optimum golf turf care

Greenkeepers know exactly how much effort perfect grass demands. We at TURF know how to minimise this work. Through well-founded know-how from first-class experts.

Our varied services for golf courses include:

  • Personal analysis and advice from our field sales staff locally with you on the grass.
  • Creation of soil and water analyses in cooperation with leading international laboratories, including individual preparation and interpretation.
  • Individual advice about our extensive range of fertilisers, machinery, spare parts and seeds.
  • Development of fertilising plans, optimally coordinated with your local requirements, your tournament planning and your budgetary prevailing conditions.
  • Extensive advice in all matters relating to golf course management, new seedings, established care and regeneration.
  • Specific solutions for problems connected with heat, flooding, dryness and disease.
  • High levels of solution competence for technical problems.

We look forward to being able to welcome you to our group of customers and partners and rewarding your trust in us. You won’t be disappointed.