The Andersons
18-9-18 NutriDG
Article number APPI181WMDG40
Zusammensetzung Andersons 18-9-18
The Andersons

18-9-18 NutriDG

Article number APPI181WMDG40


Very fine granulate for application to greens and other lawn areas with 60% MUtech long-term formulation. Trace nutrients iron and manganese support the colour aspect.

Recommended application

During the growing season, apply with 15-30 g/m² on existing dry, if possible, greens or other lawn areas. Then water briefly with 3-4 mm. At temperatures above 30 °C only spray with a limited quantity and water immediately. The product contains iron, which in combination with water can cause spots on paved surfaces. If fertiliser comes into contact with such surfaces, do not remove with water and instead sweep off. Keep dry and clean, seal left-over quantities tight and dry. Only use clean spreaders, do not leave left-over quantities in the spreader.



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Grain size
SGN 75
Packaging unit
20 kg