The Andersons
20-0-16 NutriDG
Article number APPI202WDG40
Zusammensetzung Andersons 20-0-16
The Andersons

20-0-16 NutriDG

Article number APPI202WDG40


Fine granulated NK fertiliser for use on fairways, tees and other grass surfaces. For increased K requirement on sand-rich soils. The nitrogen proportion is entirely in long-term form as MUtech. As a result, very consistent growth is achieved, preferably in summer and autumn. The DG granulate breaks down very quickly upon contact with water. 

Recommended application

Apply to dry existing grass if possible with 15-30 g/m² during the growing season. Then water briefly with 3-4 mm. At temperatures above 30 °C only spray with a limited quantity and water immediately. KKeep dry and clean, seal left-over quantities tight and dry. Only use clean spreaders, do not leave left-over quantities in the spreader.



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Grain size
SGN 150
Packaging unit
20 kg