The Andersons
44-0-0 HCU
Article number APP44HCU5
Zusammensetzung Andersons 44-0-0
The Andersons

44-0-0 HCU

Article number APP44HCU5


HCU granulate offers a practicable, perceivable and sustainable approach for applying nitrogen in combination with important soil additives and elements that promote plant health, which usual nitrogen sources do not deliver. There are many types of nitrogen products with controlled release and long-term effect, which offer the sole benefit of simplifying and enhancing nitrogen application. Some of these fertilisers use physical coatings made from polymers and/or sulphur in order to slow the release of nitrogen, while others contain chemical additives that affect the transfer into the soil and thus damage the soil biology.

HCU granulate works differently. It uses the technology of urea-humin fusion, which forms a uniform coating of potassium humate around a urea grain. This coating does not act like a physical barrier that slows the release of nitrogen, but instead woks synergistically with urea in order to promote and enhance the soil biology.
HCU granulate contains useful fulvic and humic acids, which provide a rich source of carbon for maintaining and improving the soil biology. Fulvic and humic acids offer many proven benefits for soil and plant health. Among other things, this includes: Improved nutrient efficiency, improved absorption of trace elements, higher nutrient bonding and exchange capacity, more active soil life and water retention.

HCU can be used as a granulate fertiliser or dissolved as a leaf/liquid fertiliser.

Granulation 2.2 - 3.5 mm



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