Article number Biomax
TURF Biomaxx Zusammensetzung


Article number Biomax


Biomaxx root stimulator is a patent-pending formulation of main and micro-nutrients, which is enhanced through the addition of biostimulants and organic acids. Use on lawn areas to build up root mass and length. As a result, nutrients in the soil and water are used more efficiently.

Recommended application

As the water used is always different, a “jar test” should be performed when mixing with other agents. Do not mix BIOMAXX with non-chelate micro-nutrients or calcium products!
BIOMAXX root stimulator must be dissolved first before being mixed in the tank. Premix 0.1 kg BIOMAXX root stimulator per litre of water. Then add to the spraying tank filled with water with the agitator activated.
Spring: Application of: 2.25-2.75 kg/ha for initial root activity - water into the soil after application.
Application during growing season: Repeat monthly 1.0-1.25 kg/ha - water into the soil after application.

Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
11.34 kg