The Andersons
DG Lime NutriDG
Article number APPIDGLIME5
Zusammensetzung Andersons DG Lime
The Andersons

DG Lime NutriDG

Article number APPIDGLIME5


Calcium carbonate to correct Ca deficiency and for Ca maintenance fertilising and to improve nutrient availability. Extremely fine granulate for use on deep cut lawns, such as greens. The granulate breaks down very quickly upon contact with water. This considerably simplifies the use of lime.

Recommended application

Apply to dry existing grass with 10-40 g/m² during the growing season. Then water with at least 5 l/m² so that the grains fall consistently into the sward. Keep dry and clean, seal left-over quantities tight and dry. Only use clean spreaders, do not leave left-over quantities in the spreader. To prevent absorption of the fertiliser, perform the first cut without hoppers.



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Grain size
SGN 100
Packaging unit
25 kg