Ocean Glas
Article number oceanglas
Algae Green

Ocean Glas

Article number oceanglas


Ascophyllum nodosum belongs to the group of brown algae that grow naturally in the clean waters of the Atlantic and around the west coast of Ireland. It is harvested traditionally and sustainably by hand and, thanks to the gentle cold extraction process, its original properties are retained in our extract as much as possible.
In contrast to other algae products, algaeGreen is not exposed to chemicals or high temperatures. This can be seen from the green colour – products from more intensive extraction methods are dark brown or black. Through the gentle extraction process using pressure, the bioactive molecules naturally occurring in the algae are preserved. Breaking down the algae cell walls allows the bioactive main components to be released in the 100% soluble algaeGreen liquid extract.

AlgaeGreen contains all the natural key ingredients of fresh algae that benefit plants and grass:

  • Complex sugars
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Plant hormones
  • Micro and macro-nutrients

Recommended application

Application quantity: 10-20 litres per hectare

Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
10 l