Bora Bora
Article number borabora
Floratine BoraBora

Bora Bora

Article number borabora


Bora Bora is an easily available boron source for rectifying known boron deficiencies in grass. Boron is the key for correct carbohydrate transport, improves cell wall synthesis and lignification, as well as increased root growth.

  • Supports the transport of sugars
  • Improves cell wall synthesis
  • Improves membrane function
  • Supports root growth

Recommended application

Apply with any device that generates a fine, consistent spray mist to the target area. Bora Bora should be used if the soil analysis shows a boron value of less than 0.8 ppm. The product should be watered in after 1-2 hours.

Bora Bora is compatible with all floratine soil products. For all other products, a test mixture should be made in every case.  In order to achieve the best mix results, remove the tank sieve before adding the product.


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Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
10 l