Floradox Pro
Article number floradox
Floratine Floradox Pro

Floradox Pro

Article number floradox


Floradox Pro is a primary nutrient and carbon formulation for promoting grass stability and defence against mechanical and physiological stress. It should be applied as a supplement to the main nutrient supply. Nothing compared to Floradox Pro! Promotes grasses’ stress tolerance against mechanical and physiological stresses. Defensive and regenerative proteins are formed through supplemental components and additional energy sources. These proteins are the key to the plants’ resistance, such as wound healing, stress resistance and regeneration of injuries. Nutrients and exchanged organic, naturally occurring substances in Floradox Pro are combined in order to improve cell and tissue strength. Application by leaf and soil.

Recommended application

Floradox Pro can be used as a leaf or soil application. Leaf fertilisers should be applied with a sprayer that generates a fine, consistent spray mist. Do not apply more than 350 l/ha. Soil applications should be watered in so that the material is transported to the root area. Apply Floradox Pro twice a month in a ratio of 10 l/ha or with an application quantity of 5 l/ha per week. A ratio of –20 l/ha is recommended for higher stress.



Technical data

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