Iron Maid
Article number Iron Maid
Floratine Iron Maid

Iron Maid

Article number Iron Maid


Iron Maid is an iron formulation for using on lawns and ornamental plants. Iron is needed for chlorophyll production. Regular applications during the growing season produce a dark-green colour and consistent growth. IRON MAID intended for leaf application as a supplement to regular fertilising.

Application instructions

Iron Maid should be applied as a fine spray mist. A water volume of 350 l per hectare should not be exceeded. For a successful application, it should not rain for 3 - 5 hours after application. Iron Maid can be applied to correct the appearance of iron deficiency and for maintenance care. The application takes place during the growing season as an initial application with 10– 20 l per hectare. Then every 3 weeks with 5 – 10 litres per hectare, depending on need and soil type.


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Technical data

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113 & 208 l