X-Factor K
Article number X-Factor K
Floratine X-Factor K

X-Factor K

Article number X-Factor K


X-FACTOR K is a potassium-rich leaf fertiliser, which has been developed specifically for application on intensively used turf areas, such as golf courses, sports fields, etc.

Recommended application

X-FACTOR K as a tank mixture can be mixed with many liquid fertilisers and plant protection agents. If in doubt, make a test mixture. In order to achieve the best mix results, remove the tank sieve before adding the product.

Apply with any sprayer that generates a fine, consistent spray mist, for a total spray quantity of 300 l/ha. Do not sprinkle. Wait at least 2 hours before watering.

X-FACTOR K can be sprayed at any time during the entire growing season. The application quantity depends on the pattern of damage and the stress on the grasses. Ideally, spraying will be performed at the start of growth at 10-20 l/ha every 14 days. The greater the stress on the grass, the higher the dosage should be. 



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
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