X-Factor N
Article number X-Factor N
Floratine X-Factor N

X-Factor N

Article number X-Factor N


X-Faktor N 24-0-0 + Mo is an additional leaf nutrient complex with high nitrogen content, which has been specially developed for use on grass in the summer months on intensively managed grass areas such as golf courses, sports fields, etc.

Recommended application

X-Factor N 24-0-0 + Mo as a tank mixture is compatible with many systemic fungicides, insecticides and nutrient solutions. If in doubt, make a test mixture. In order to achieve the best mix results, remove the tank sieve before adding the product. Shake well before use to achieve a homogeneous mix. Do not store below 5 °C. 

Apply to the target area with any sprayer that generates a fine, consistent spray mist, using the 02-04 sprayers for a total spray volume of 200-350 l/ha. Do not sprinkle. Wait at least 2 hours before watering.

Apply 10-30 l/ha twice a week to grass areas in summer or depending on the grass conditions. For a known deficiency, use higher quantities.



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
10 l