The Andersons
Humic DG Fairway
Article number APPHUDG40
The Andersons Humic DG Fairway Zusammensetzung
The Andersons

Humic DG Fairway

Article number APPHUDG40


Basic material: Humic acids and lignosulfonates

Humic DG is a uniform granulate based on humic acids (70 %). Each granulate corn dissolves when stirred with water from the irrigation system or with rain into thousands of small particles, which considerably promotes and simplifies absorption and retention in the soil. The hard granulate has a low moisture and dust proportion that makes it very easy to mix with other products such as urea-based fertilisers. Humic acid products such as Humic DG promote and increase the micro-nutrient absorption and improve leached soils.

Application instructions

Apply as stated or as recommended by your TURF experts. Some situations require higher application quantities or more frequent applications in order to achieve clearly visible results. 
For the best results, the area should be watered after application with at least 8 litres (7.6 mm) water per m². As a result, the product automatically works into coarsely structured soils. A low air temperature or very cold water (below 7 °C) can cause slower dissolution. Can be applied as a top dressing after aeration. If desired, can be easily mixed with sand. Water after application. Additional applications for areas with deficiencies.



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Grain size
SGN 240
Packaging unit
20 kg