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UltraMate SG
Article number ultramate
The Andersons Ultramate SG
The Andersons

UltraMate SG

Article number ultramate


Basic material: Humic acids, lignosulphonate

UltraMate SG is a sulphonated potassium humate granulate based on 70 % humic acids, that is soluble at pH values from 2 to 12. Ultramate SG dissolves in a large pH value range when it is mixed with liquid fertiliser, micro-nutrient or plant protection formulations. It allows the user to directly add it to tank mixtures and drip irrigation, as well as to apply it to acidic soils, on which conventional products do not work. UltraMate SG is a concentrated granulate that can be spread or dissolved in water and applied. It avoids the unnecessary freight costs compared to liquid humic acid products, which are incurred due to the transport of the water. UltraMate SG also allows the user to avoid working with dusty and very fine materials and the associated problems.

Application instructions

UltraMate SG can be applied to all plants, such as fruit, vegetables, trees, vines, ornamental plants, grass (meadows, turf farms, commercial properties, sports fields, greens, tees and fairways), cereals, greenhouse crops and other greenhouse plants. The number of applications depends on the soil and climate conditions. Typical applications are 0.2 to 1.5 kg of UltraMate SG per hectare per application. (Up to 5.5 kg/ha in the growing period)

UltraMate SG can be used as a liquid application or in combination with liquid fertilisers. In addition, it can be applied using conventional methods such as leaf fertiliser, drip irrigation, trickle method or hydroponically. UltraMate SG cannot be mixed with glyphosate concentrate but does work in tank mixtures that contain glyphosate. UltraMate SG mixes best with consistent, gentle stirring or circulation in the tank and should be added slowly. When the solution is thoroughly mixed and the granules have disappeared, it is advisable to check the base of the tank for undissolved solids before spraying.  If a tank mixture is made with other products, always add the water first, then UltraMate SG, followed by fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, in this order.

Check mixability:

  • Mix the products in a transparent bucket with the same application quantities as to be sprayed
  • Stir for at least 60 seconds
  • Check for deposits and visible solids



Technical data

Basic fertiliser data
Packaging unit
13.6 kg