Pervade Pellets
Article number pervade pellets
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Pervade Pellets

Article number pervade pellets


For spot use in order to improve drainage on greens with waterlogging or ponding. Pervade Pellets accelerate the infiltration of water without storing it like wetting agents. Consequently, unwanted substances such as sodium or a high overall salt content can be reduced or rinsed out with a corresponding water quantity. This can also remove Pervade if there is an enrichment of it in the upper centimetres due to the frequent use of wetting agents.

Recommended application

Pervade Pellets are designed for application with an applicator. Pervade Pellets can be used as often as needed in order to achieve the desired water infiltration. Depending on the water pressure, temperature and chemical composition, the pellets dissolve at different speeds. At a pressure of 4-6 bar, the pellets are dissolved after 30-60 minutes. Pervade max is biodegradable and not phytotoxic.


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Technical data

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Packaging unit
12x 227 g